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Berkeley’s Own Molly Ivins: Carol Denney

The weird American reality has spawned a line of great satirists: Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Dorothy Parker, Paul Krassner, Molly Ivins, to name just a very few who have shredded the veneer of sanctimony from many a pillar of culture and politics. In that same vein thrives Carol Denney, with roots in West Virginia, but …

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Introductions to Pepper Spray books

(These texts appear at the front of Pepper Spray Paradise Volume 1 and Pepper Spray Picnic) Introduction (1) Once upon a time, in a little town in the rolling hills of West Virginia, or perhaps it was the jagged mountains of Virginia, or perhaps it was Tennessee, or it could have been L.A., a snarky …

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About Carol Denney

Musician, singer, Pepper Spray Times writer/editor, Fiddlers for Peace founder, poet, activist. Veteran of civil liberties and social justice movements, voted Best of the Bay 2001 by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Best Solo Performer by the 2002 East Bay Express readers’ poll. Honoree of the 2003 City of Berkeley Commission on the Status of …

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