New at LifeRing Press: How Was Your Week? Second Edition.

HWYW2015-Front-Cover Option B (Small)The growing demand for an abstinent recovery pathway free of the twelve-step model drives the growth of LifeRing support groups. How Was Your Week is a comprehensive handbook for people who are considering starting LifeRing in their community. It’s also a useful reference for people already leading LifeRing meetings. How Was Your Week is based on thousands of hours of experience in face-to-face and online LifeRing meetings and includes the voices of dozens of experienced LifeRing group leaders (convenors).  This updated and expanded version of the first (2003) edition adds two more chapters, many more suggestions and hints, and a first-chapter summary for the reader in a hurry.

The fastest way to get the paperback is to order it from LifeRing Press,  You can also get it from but it will take longer as amazon has to first get the book from LifeRing Press before shipping it to you.

For instant gratification, there is a Kindle edition; click this link.